Tumblr, Occupy, &c.

Sun 2012.01.29
by brian hefele

down before up, viewable on flickr by clicking image, or tumblr by clicking here.

Couple of photo-related things. First, the most minor of points, is that I now have a tumblr running alongside this blog. That will only be for posting select photos. So many of my flickr hits come from tumblr users, I figured getting in with that community could be beneficial.

Second, some new camera reviews should be on the way. My Pentax MX died, and in replacing it, I also picked up a Super Program. I want to do some comparisons of UI in different automatic camera bodies, like the sexy, super-functional single dial approach of the Fujica AZ-1 vs the button & knob approach of Pentax MEs and Programs.

Third, best for last, I briefly spent time with Occupy Frederick this week to get some documentation photos. A wonderful lot to spend time with. I’m in the process of throwing together a lengthy, confessional photoessay to be featured on the written section of this blog, which should be exciting. And a little depressing. Until then, most of the photos are visible at their official site, linked above.