The Story of the Christmas Bucket

Thu 2012.02.02
by brian hefele
The story of the Christmas Bucket. By Brian H. and Jan M.
One Christmas day, in Christmasland (where every day is Christmas day), Elijah the elephant and Oink the pig were strolling a jolly stroll.
'I'd like to have a top at my favorite tree, if you don't terribly mind!' said Oink. 'Why, of course!'
When they got to the tree, Elijah noticed a sparkle sparkling about. 'What do you suppose this sparkle is,' he asked Oink. 'Let's have a peer!'
And peer they did! And sparkling behind the tree was a strange fello, the sparkliest who was ever seen. 'Oh hello,' it spoke, 'I'm the Christmas Bucket.'
'The Christmas Bucket?' our protagonists asked in tandem. 'Yes,' the Christmas Bucket answered, 'and I feel ever so empty. You see…'
'All that I want for Christmas is to be filled. Filled with water, filled with sand, filled with presents… But every time I fill myself up, the Three Evildoers rob me at gunpoint. They turn me upside down, and empty me right out.'
Elijah and Oink thought for a moment. 'Would… Would you like is to help you?' Oink asked. 'Oh, would I ever!' the Christmas Bucket replied. So, Elijah the elephant, Oink the pig, and the Christmas Bucket set out to stroll an angry stroll.
They strolled and strolled until finally they had a stop at the Land of Evil Deeds. 'Do you think this is where the Three Evildoers are?' asked Elijah. The Christmas Bucket nodded as best it could, and suggested that Elijah fill it with dirt as bait.
No sooner had he done as much when…
Bang! Bang! Bang! The Three Evildoers came right around the corner, guns blasting.
'Turn yourself upside down!' ordered Bad Bat.
'What are we going to do now?!' asked the Christmas Bucket. 'You're MAYBE going to get shot!' barked Crabby Crab. 'You're MAYBE going to get shot good!' muttered Terrible Turtle.
'YOU'RE maybe going to get sucked up until we figure out what to do with you!' …and with that, Elijah sucked up the Three Evildoers, guns and all!
'Now, let's find all the stuff they stole from you!' Oink excitedly shouted. 'Do you think it's in that building?' asked the Christmas Bucket.
'No!' shouted the building. But Oink and the Christmas Bucket were much too clever. Oink opened the door…
And out came all the water, sand, and presents that the Christmas Bucket had lost. The Christmas Bucket was filled. 'It's a Christmas miracle!' 'There's just one thing left to do,' said Oink.
So Elijah the elephant, Oink the pig, and the Christmas Bucket all strolled a satisfied stroll back to Christmasland. (Where it was still Christmas day).
And once they arrived in Chritsmasland, they strolled a little more until they had a stop at the Christmasland jail.
And with a trumpet of Elijah's big elephant nose, the Three Evildoers were locked up once and for all.
The End!