Happy Vowelentine’s Day!

Sun 2012.02.05
by brian hefele

Here’s a card for everyone who thinks they’ve found love. Send along the permalink for an HTML version that should render nicely on modern browsers (if your sweetheart is still on IE7, break it off), or print out the foldable, full page PDF, or the 300dpi half-page PNG. I’m going to sit around and eat a box of Russell Stover.

The Story of the Christmas Bucket

Thu 2012.02.02
by brian hefele

This past Christmas, my friend Jan and I made a couple hundred cookies. One of hers was the Christmas Bucket, and an inside joke was formed. As part of her Christmas gift, I wrote/illustrated this little book, and had it printed. Unknowingly, she also made me a Christmas Bucket book, though we took two very different approaches. Anyway, I’ve finally gotten around to posting ‘The Story of the Christmas Bucket’ here, which you can click through to read, or download the PDF here.

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Bang! Bang!

Tue 2011.12.20
by brian hefele

From a work-in-progress…