dirty money, killing true women

Thu 2005.12.01
by brian hefele
Mary Kay, Inc. is a mafia.
Mob bosses drive pink Cadillacs and
Sell killerdruggyfacepoisons
To misguided teenaged babes,
To women who wish
To get out of themselves
Once you dip in
To the pastes and
To the powders,
You may… never… stop.
To who you are not.)
You are killed.
Your dealer’s dealer’s dealer
Knows precisely who to be;
She’s a pretendpretty pinkandperfect,
Enhancing Women’s Lives.
this is a piece from when i was in community college. i was asked to read it at a women’s event of some sort, and then asked not to. over concerns of offending the audience, over legal concerns, whatever. at the last minute i was basically told ‘fuck it,’ and ended up reading it. it went over well enough. as far as my older work is concerned, this is probably my least favorite that i am willing to hold on to as canon. it’s gimmicky, it’s from a time when i had little control over my gimmicks. it’s also very much before what i would describe as my confessional period. but it has sentimental value, i suppose, and i still believe in the message. natural beauty for life!